30 Top Library Stories You May Have Missed

30 Top Library Stories You May Have Missed

March 26th, 2013

by Ellyssa Kroski

This winter has been a great season for insightful library-related stories. Here’s a round-up of the latest top library stories you may not have seen yet:

  1. Tips for Blogging in Libraryland
  2. 7 Ways Librarians Can Participate in Open Access/Source/Education Communities
  3. A Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources
  4. A Library Comparison of Microsoft Outlook vs. Gmail
  5. Digitally Embedding the Law Library
  6. 10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library
  7. 10 Retro Office Accessories for Gamer Librarians
  8. 5 Ways Librarians Can Repurpose Their Job Experiences
  9. Purchasing E-Books for Your Library
  10. 10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Book Lovers
  11. 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Libraries
  12. 10 Online Privacy Tips for Librarians
  13. A Library Conference Survival Guide: 20 Tips
  14. What is Responsive Web Design and Why Librarians Need to Know About it
  15. Infographics and The Library of Congress: A Colossal Collection of Resource Riches
  16. 10 Fictional Libraries I’d Love to Visit
  17. 7 Free Technologies Your Library Should be Using
  18. Why DRM Doesn’t Work (Comic)
  19. The Top 20 Most Popular iLibrarian Posts of 2012 – Pt. 2
  20. The Top 20 Most Popular iLibrarian Posts of 2012 – Pt. 1
  21. What is metadata? A Christmas themed exploration
  22. The Wrong War Over eBooks: Publishers Vs. Libraries
  23. Makerspaces Move into Academic Libraries
  24. 5 Annoying Things You Have Every Right to Do Because You’re a Librarian
  25. 32 Library Marketing Resources from 2012
  26. 10 Ways to Market Your Library With Foursquare
  27. The 30 Best Places To Be If You Love Books
  28. Getting Started With Social Media For Your Library
  29. Great Apps For Readers
  30. Top Ten Traits of Great Library Leaders
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